Germany, Lübeck’ the year is 1995 and Bozett ’Bo-Lennart Heitmann’ is born on the 7th of March. At the the age of 5, his parents decide to move to a tiny city on the west coast of Sweden called Falkenberg. 

Bo grows up in a ’small minded” environment with big dreams. As a kid he wanted to be a doctor but by the age of 10 he started to write short melodies on the grand piano that his parent had in the living room. Later on these melodies turned into the shape of songs and when he was 15 years old, he was certain that he wanted to go for a career in music. 

When Bozett started his upper secondary school, he followed his parents' wish to go for the Nature science program even though he wanted to go for music. After one month he asked the principle for a program switch but the music program was already full. Receiving bad news he came home to ask for a signature from his dad in order to switch to the economics program which he today looks back on as a ”protest” move. He always delivered good grades but even though he did this, he had no freedom to choose what he wanted to study. He stayed on the economics program for one year and then convinced his father so he could re-do his first year on upper secondary and go to the music program. 

Finally, he starts the program and gets introduced to a vocal coach who would build his technical foundation that later on leads him to discover his voice. Working hard for three years and building up discipline and practice routines to increase vocal ability lead to that he was later on accepted to ’The Performing Arts School in Gothenburg’ where he learned dancing, acting and musical theatre. Even though he loved to dance, Bo decided to leave the school after one year because he had received an unconditional offer from a university in London. 

It’s 2016, September and Bo is moving to London alone to go for a big dream. Three years of hard work and study with highly skilled teachers, students and mentors have developed an artist, songwriter & producer that would come back with a bag of tools to express his inner mood board with music. 

After receiving his Bachelor of Music from the University of West London, Bo decides to apply for a Master’s Degree in Stockholm at ’The Royal College of Music’. He was accepted and is now in his first year of his masters’ degree. 

Bozett lives in Stockholm in the middle of a dream that he started dreaming when he was 15 years old and is soon celebrating his Debut EP release on his 25th birthday. He works with several artists and songwriters as well as on his own music and says that his goal has now become to get better at what he does and inspire people to be themselves. 

In his opinion the world has a lot to work on:

- "No one should be affected by societies bullshit, may it be body image, skin color or sexuality” - Bozett