Behind My Music 

Explicit (release date: 3rd of May)

Explicit was written and recorded in March 2020. The song is inspired by B O Z E T T's fantasy and explores the mind behind obsession and seduction. He plays with metaphors and scenarios throughout the lyrics in order to get in the vibe of the mood as well as creates a sonic artwork that sets the song in a mystic feel. Using different sound manipulation tools, B O Z E T T creates a back and forth between the mind and body that drives us towards the play of attraction. 


’Forbidden Crown’ (Released 7th of March 2020)

Forbidden Crown was recorded between September and December 2019. The EP’s name  is a metaphor about behavior that society has prohibited with norms. 

This EP is there to challenge the day to day "rules" that we all follow as well as giving some new perspectives about what unfaithfulness means when it is adressed toward thyself. 


’Lips on Mine’ 

This song is about a flirt. The inspiration came from when I was out with some friends and a guy came up to me who was about 10 years older and I was booth flattered by it as well as I felt a bit uncomfortable, which was quite rare for me, considering all the social norms that I try to break in my daily living. 

So yeah, this situation took quite a piece of mind from me and I had to express my frustration about that I was captured by a social norm, once again. I mean I thought I left this way of thinking when I came out of the closet, but anyways. 

I wanted the tune to be playful. I was in my mid 20s, he was in his mid 30s and there was something really interesting about this forbidden situation that we both experienced in that moment. So I was looking for these bubbly sounds that the song starts off with, which I created with a synth and arpeggiator. So I came across this sound, I was like ”this is it”. 

As I said before, I was really flattered by him and my stomach was literally turning upside down and therefore I started writing the chorus line ”Give me all that beautiful sunshine that you filled my stomach with”. Then it all just kept on going. The writing process was pretty straight forward. I had to introduce the listener to the situation: that there is someone who’s too old for me but somehow I was compelled by it. When the song enters the bridge, I just let it all out. Breaking rules, I’ll be yours, you’ll be mine, we’ll have fun and forget the world for a second. You know the deal. 


’Could Have Been’ 

Could Have Been is the second track of the EP. The tune is a lot more dark, mysterious and sexy than ’Lips on Mine’ but I would say that the core inspiration comes from the same place. 

I wanted to achieve some kind of ’Fifty Shades of Grey’ vibe in the musical elements and I was also aiming for a bit more creek in my voice to communicate the mood I desired in the song. 

The ’Could Have Been’ reference comes from my indecisiveness. You know when you choose to do one thing and your imagination starts to fantasize the opposite of ”what if I would have done it?” 

I introduce the song with a chocolate reference to describe the other persons eye color and then I move on with that direction in terms of ’strawberry lips” and so on. 

I was playing with the thought of knowing as little as possible about the other person. 

From the first eye contact, to the first exchanging of words, laugh, flirt and all that is in-between. 

But yeah, the song is about not giving in to your inner obsessions and the suffer of having to deal with that decision. 



Sober is the third song of the EP. It’s dark, it’s deep and it’s really personal. It explains the situation about being with someone you love but compromising with yourself in order to be able to love this person. 

There’s a split between wanting the best for someone you love and what’s best for yourself. And sometimes hurting the person you love, will do a lot more damage to yourself than hurting yourself by ignoring who you are. 

The song is a result of not loving yourself enough and knowing your own worth and therefore you stay with someone who always chooses their own best, cause it gives you purpose to see someone who lives like you should live. But somehow, this also eats you up. So you drown your feelings in drugs and alcohol to be able to cope with it which leads to the point where you don’t want to live anymore. 

The phrase of ”I need a gun, so I can shoot myself when there’s no one but everybody knows I can’t keep a promise”, reflects how you want to kill yourself. However, even that promise won’t be kept cause you can’t even keep the promise of being loyal and honest to yourself about that ”Maybe you don’t belong to the person you love the most”. 

Yeah, the song is deep and dark and there is no decision made, throughout the whole story. It just leaves you empty-handed with a situation that won’t have a happy ending, no matter what you choose. 



Crown is my title baby. The song is about guilt and unfaithfulness towards yourself. I wanted to create a shameful but hopeful emotion and therefore I chose the organ in the beginning together with the church bells and manipulated vocal samples. This sound palette contributes to a clear environment, which I specifically wanted to emphasize the lyrical meaning. 

In the lyrics the person is confessing everything towards himself by imagining that he admits it to his partner. ”full of shame, I did it again, I couldn’t keep my promise” is the introducing line of the song so the listener has a feeling of ”something is wrong, something has been done, and it’s bad”. 

The following part in the first verse is about ”that the person has been warned, he knows how much he will suffer, he has seen others before him deny who they are and he knows how it ends”. 

It’s about the shame that you walk around with in terms of hate towards yourself for being a coward as well as lying to your partner about who you really are and how this eats you up from the inside. 

The pre chorus conveys that the intention of that all this was just to be happy. ”Got myself into something, thought it would be beautiful, but the way you trust me is dangerous when I’m alone”. 

So basically, it’s all good as long as they’re together. But once he’s alone, things happen behind the scene. 

The chorus is about how the whole world is ripped apart inside of him. The track is a back and forth between who you are and who you are not and how you just wish that your partner sees the signs and puts an end to it. ”Close your eyes, look inside, I know you feel what I try to hide” 

Conclusion: He’s to weak to admit it but also to weak to deny it. 


’So What If They’re Gay’ 

The bonus track of the EP is about some questions I have to society. Questions that I have been carrying since I’m a kid, such as, ”Why can I not have nail-polish”, ”why can I not have the pink jumper from the girls clothing department”, ”Why do I have to go to the blue part of the toy-stores?” 

There is a fear in a lot of parents’ eyes when their children ask these questions. And that fear is based on a discussion that has been going on for years and is never getting better. We’re taught a lot of frameworks in our world about who is who, what you do if you are a woman or a man and it hurts to see how we are in such a modern age and people still ask me when I work in retail ”do you have this pink jumper for boys as well?” 

I think it’s embarrassing for people to be ashamed for their kids if they want something that is by society ”meant for a certain gender”. First of all, this does mean they are gay and second of all, who cares if they are? Is it really such a bad thing if your kids turn out being homosexual? 

Everybody walks around saying ”but it’s not like that anymore, stuff is getting better”. This is easily said by the people who are not affected. 

And there’s one thing I really want to put out there from my perspective of a non-heterosexual man: 

Isn’t it ironic that heterosexual people chose if homosexual people should have the right to marry and adopt kids? 

Think of it this way: How would you feel if homosexual people would start to decide what’s best for heterosexual people? Just a little perspective to give to all the gender-privileged people who can’t think outside the box.

The Bonus Tracks

The bonus tracks are there because I want people to see the raw material and idea of my strongest creations and and what idea-pallete I had before building up the productions.

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